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My Ethos

"...there's  a kind of intrinsic musicality to the way moving images work when they're put together. It's been said that cinema and music are very close as art forms, and I think that's true."

Martin Scorsese
At its core, music, like film making, is about storytelling. As a partner in film, music's role is to provide the emotional narrative behind a film, thereby supporting it, but not overwhelming it.
Finding that delicate balance demands the composer's total fidelity to the will of the story, as perceived and told by its director.
What follows next, requires an unflappable dedication to finding 'just the right emotions', at 'just the right times' and the willingness to change it all, if it is requested by the director.
This aesthetic I apply to all my projects: whether scoring a feature film, or advertisement, music used in these contexts are principally all the same.

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Music Composer & Producer for Film and television

Irv Johnson
Music Composer and Producer for Film & Television


Here are some selections from some projects I have worked on.


My studies in music began at age 6 at the Dalcroze School of Music in Manhattan. There I learned classical violin, classical piano and music theory. I went on to study music and computer science at Hiram College in Ohio.
In my teens, I played in different NYC rock bands, was picked up by Carlos Alomar's production company with my band Shades of Grey, worked and produced tracks for an underground electronic/jazz/house music label (Vinylla Records), produced and developed new acts and co-founded/served as lead composer for a boutique music production house (Chameleon SounDesign, LLC).
In late December 2010, I moved to Denmark where I continue to compose music for film, television and advertising internationally.

Additional Services:

What people say?

"Irv did an amazing job when we needed to build a complete soundtrack on a project we worked on. We talked and bounced ideas, made a couple of quick tests to picture, then he tirelessly tweaked and tweaked and tweaked until a composition emerged that had elements combined from a whole world of sounds. Both the client and myself am very happy with the result."

Patrik Andersson, Director and Photographer at Patrik Andersson Studio

What people say?

"Irv Johnson composed the music for my first film "Boy Wonder". The music in a film is always an important part of the overall experience but in this film the music was even more critical as it defined the main character and his view of the world. Irv was invaluable in creating the tone and feel of the world I was trying to create. Irv is an extremely talented musician who delivers the highest quality music and delivers it on time. I recommend him highly for any project."

Michael Morrissey, Film Director and Producer/CEO at Boy WOnder Productions

What people say?

"I had the great pleasure of working with Irv Johnson, who composed the full score for my feature film "Kartellet" in 2013/14. Irv is, apart from being the nicest person, a very hard worker, who doesn't rest until you are totally happy with the result. He is creative, professional, very skilled and open to any suggestions you might have. He has my warmest recommendation."

Charlotte Sachs Bostrup, Film Director/Writer

What people say?

"The thing about working with Irv is that its easy to overlook how intently he is listening to your direction and diving deep into the director's vision. "I'm here to help the director tell HIS story", Irv says a lot, and that is DIRECTLY reflected in his music. The wonderful thing is that Irv doesn't see himself as a composer, putting his music on a piece. He sees himself as a part of a storytelling team with a very specific and crucial role. As someone who hires many composers on a regular basis, I have to say that very few "get it" the way Irv does. I am remiss to recommend him because we want to keep him for ourselves!"

Erik Steinert, Owner and Executive Producer at Haus

What people say?

"Irv is a delight to work with, he listens to what you are looking for as a producer and delivers superb results on time and on budget. I look forward to working with him again."

Judy Plavnick Kiley, Executive Producer at Sit. Good Girl Productions LLC

What people say?

"I've had the pleasure of working with music composer Irv Johnson on various projects ranging from DVD production to commercials. Irv has consistently delivered extremely high levels of creativity despite suffocating deadlines. He is a consummate professional who takes his work from concept through execution without missing a beat. His music is amazing and current. I highly recommend Irv for any creative music or sound design assignments."

Michael Glovaski, Co-Founder Glo Creative

What people say?

"A true treasure in the world of music composition and production, Irv Johnson's passion for his art and his pure talent to strike just the right mood every single time are a rare find in a competitive world like the music business. I have known Irv for many years now and he has consistently raised the quality of projects we have worked on. Irv clearly has his finger on the pulse of this ever evolving music business, his attitude is always professional and he is a true pleasure to be around. I wholeheartedly recommend Irv for any project or business."

Axel Niehaus, Grammy Nominated Mixing Engineer & Music Proffessional

What people say?

"Irv is an extremely talented and versatile composer/arranger. He's a hard worker and won't stop til' everyone is ecstatic!"

Anlee Diamant, Owner Unleaded Music

What people say?

"Irv has a magnificent ear and eye for detail. His composition and musicality is extremely top-notch. I plan to use his service for future movie projects."

Joe James, Executive Producer at Pavaline Studios

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